Research Interests

My area of interest is synthesis and characterization of nano-structures by controlled manipulation of size and shape at the nanometer scale, to produce structures, devices with at least one novel/superior characteristic. An interest also in fundamental concepts of characterization and synthesis of nano-structures including materials in one dimension such as thin films, surface coating, materials in two dimensions in some of the features on computer chips such as nanowires and nanotubes, and materials in three dimensions such as precipitates, colloids and quantum dots.


It is found that nanotechnology has been undergoing a paradigm shift with technological innovations in research.


Lithographic and etching techniques use a top-down methodology. In contrast to that, the bottom-up approach involves direct growth of one-dimensional nano-structures onto a substrate. This shift to the bottom-up or self-assembly approach is being investigated as an alternative to the current top-down approach which is interesting to work with.


Most significantly, the shift from exclusive use of lithography for device fabrication is opening the field to not only novel fabrication schemes but the incorporation of diverse material systems. Combining organic and inorganic materials into self-assembled nano-structures has been a dynamic area of research.


Technology coupled with creative thinking offers us the ability to invent and probe at the molecular or atomic level. The development of new materials with the combination of currently used materials such as silicon, etc. holds a promise to yield innovative structures and devices with increased functionality that will impact electronic, chemical and biomedical applications.


My interest includes build-up of nano-structures (and devices by using nanoscale building blocks) by initiating growth at desired positions, with designed dimensions and properties. This can be achieved through the application of bottom-up principle in synthesis of nanowires of common and technologically relevant semiconductor materials such as Si, GaAs, InP, and ZnO with focus in interdisciplinary material science research.


All my interests are currently restricted to theoretical studies and I am exploring for an opportunity to pursue my interests through an academic Institute.